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Pricing Land Surveys


Click the link to see our Residential Boundary Survey Price Map for standard lot and block pricing under "1 acre". (Fees are based on regional prices)


Need an Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance? See our Elevation Certificate Price Map for standard pricing. (Please note that there is a $50 discount for an elevation certificate when ordered at the same time as a boundary survey)


Please note that pricing surveys can sometimes be more complex than just the size of a house or the size of a given property. We try to give a standard pricing structure for certain areas but sometimes we have to quote jobs even if they fall within our under "1 acre" pricing guidelines. We may have to charge more than our standard price for the following reasons;


  • A Sectional Breakdown Legal Description (This may require our crew to find sectional data which sometimes can take multiple hours even before they start surveying the site itself)

  • A Metes and Bounds Legal Description

  • A Property on a Major Roadway (i.e. US Highways, State Roads, and County Roads)

  • A Plat that was recorded prior to 1940 (Sometimes older plats are barely legible or don't offer pertinent bearings or angles requiring the field crew to find additional control to complete the survey)

  • Waterfront Parcels may need to be quoted (Sometimes we need to establish Mean High Water Line which can take a crew multiple hours)

  • A piece of property that is used for commerical or industrial purposes must be quoted

  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys must be quoted based on ALTA Table A guidelines.

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