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Services Offered By KIN


KNOW IT NOW is a Full Land Surveying and Mapping Company focusing on the real estate industry. Below are some brief descripitons of the services that our company offers. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Florida Commercial Surveyors
Commercial Surveys

An ALTA Survey is a Boundary Survey that must meet a minimum set of standards set forth by both the American Land Title Association (ALTA), and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). These surveys show all improvements, easements, and right-of-ways. Alta Surveys are generally done on large commercial properties fulfilling more stringent commericial development requirements.

Vero Beach Surveyors, Port St. Lucie Surveyors, Melbourne Surveyors, Stuart Surveyors
Residential Surveys / Mortgage Surveys

A Mortgage Survey is a type of Boundary Survey required by mortgage lenders in the State of Florida. They are used to show improvements, as well as determining whether a property is free of encroachments (fences, sheds, etc.). Mortgage Surveys are typically required when purchasing or refinancing a home. 

Elevation Certificates Florida
Elevation Certificates

An Elevation Certificate is a tool used by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to determine flood insurance premiums for public and private structures located in a flood zone. An Elevation Certificate verifies building elevations and flood zone locations.

Elevation Certificates Florida
Residential Construction / Permit Surveys 

Construction Surveys are used for the construction of buildings, additions to properties (ie. Pools, Fences, Patios), and for clearing of future homesites / building sites. This may also include Topographic elevation information. Surveys are essential to acquiring permits from counties and/or other local muncipalities. We also offer full construction staking.

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